January 20, 2018

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Retire and Be Happy

This workshop is right for you if…

  • The newness of retirement is starting to wear off and you are asking…Now What?
  • Your days are busy but at the end of the day you wonder…so what.
  • You feel a bit directionless and adrift.
  • You love most of your life but you just want something more…

Join us for this workshop where you will design your Happiness Portfolio. We will:

  • Demystify the fears and fantasies of the post-career phase of your life
  • Examine what it takes to live fully and find maximum fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Explore what it is that will make this phase of your life feel rewarding
  • Design replacements for the non-financial benefits of your career so you can have a fulfilling life
  • Develop an action plan for launching your new life

The next workshop begins on April 4, 2017.  It’s a virtual event so you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

3 Secrets to Successful Retirement – and money isn’t one of them.

Retirement can be challenging! It’s one of the biggest chapters of the American Dream. It’s the time of your life you’ve been dreaming about. So why do 50% of retirees at some point say  their old life with blaring alarm clocks and all that career pressure was better than retirement? Why is the divorce rate among Boomers rising rapidly while it’s float or falling for all other age groups?

Your financial portfolio might be solid but what about your happiness portfolio? Most people focus on acquiring enough money to allow them to retire comfortably and on deciding where they want to live. But, they don’t think about three fundamental aspects of a happy retirement that show up right after the newness wears off. If you are not aware of them your retirement dream can turn into a nightmare.

Almost every aspect of your life changes when you move out of the career phase of your life. That means you have to re-design your life. It can be a daunting thought or an exciting opportunity.                    

This FREE seminar will give you solid information about how to deal with:

    • The challenges and opportunities you face with every major change in your life so nothing will derail your happiness.
    • Why you need to find replacements for the non-financial benefits of your career so you can have a fulfilling life
    • How to negotiate the “rules of engagement” with your partner so you live happily ever after.

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Re-Ignite Your Relationship – Couples Retreat

Re-Ignite Your Relationship is an energizing couples’ experience that will renew your passion and reconnect you and your partner in deep and meaningful ways. This workshop is designed for couples in a committed relationship regardless of its current state.

  • If you feel like your relationship is stagnant and you want to renew intimacy, you will learn more about each other and acquire valuable tools that will strengthen your bond.
  • If your relationship is distressed and you are undecided about whether you want to stay together this workshop will provide a road map for repairing it.

PeopleImages.com-ID46227The exercises and insights are perfect for couples who want to make their relationship richer and more fulfilling.

You will experience new insights and learn skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you resolve conflict in a healthy and productive way.

You will enjoy engaging presentations and skill building exercises that will help you:

  • Gain clarity about what you want in your relationship
  • Build and strengthen a deeper connection
  • Understand how men and women differ psychologically and what you can do to communicate better
  • Learn to resolve conflict gridlock in a healthy way
  • Recognize and avoid the toxic patterns in your “relationship dance”
  • Take home the tools you need to create lasting harmony, passion, and connection

Seminars and Teleseminars to help you fill your relationship tool box

What Season is Your Marriage in?

Relaxed mature couple strolling by the sea shoreMost marriages go through sunny times as well as chilly weather. All marriages are in a perpetual state of transition. Where is yours at the moment? Learn how to identify where you are and what you can do to bask in the warm sunshine.

In this seminar we:

  • Discuss why relationships are continuously evolving.
  • Assess the stage that your marriage is in
  • Understand the characteristics of the seasons that a marriage can transition through
  • Discuss what causes relationships to move from one season to another
  • Discuss strategies for moving into and staying in Spring and Summer

Moving from Conflict to Connection

Enjoying a great first date!All couples experience differences at some point – after all you are two different people. Those conflict situations are really opportunities to understand and approach those differences. Learn how to embrace and transform conflict into a closer relationship.

In this seminar we explore:

  • A process for working through conflict situations
  • Sources of your conflict
  • How to deepen your connection

It’s not about communicating more – It’s about connecting

Mid section image of a romantic couple holding their hands togetCommunicating is certainly important – but without a fundamental emotional connection all the communicating in the world is not going to make your relationship strong and secure. Connecting is easy yet many of us have just not focused on it.

In this seminar you discover:

  • Why feeling connected to your partner matters
  • What happens when the connection is lost
  • How you foster a feeling of connection
  • The little things that make your connection deeper.

Thriving in the Midst of Change

Change can be exciting or something you dread. Either way it is challenging.

This seminar explores the process we go through when we deal with significant life events, such as retirement, mid-life divorce, or relocating. You will come away with knowledge and tools you can use immediately to navigate through those difficult times

We talk about:

  • About the three stages in all significant transitions
  • Why even positive transitions can be unsettling.
  • How being aware of the process will profoundly affect the outcome.


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