January 20, 2018

Retirement can be the best part of your life …                                    … and we can help you get there.

One of the biggest chapters in the American Dream begins the day you retire. It’s the time of your life you’ve been dreaming about: no more blaring alarm clock; no more career pressure; relaxing days of doing exactly what we feel like doing instead of what we have to do.

So why do 50% of retirees at some point say that there old life was better than retirement? Why is the divorce rate among Boomers rising rapidly while it’s flat or falling for all other age groups?

Lovely mature couple having a chat while at breakfast tableAs you prepared for retirement 

you probably paid a lot of attention to your

financial portfolio

but did you plan for your  


Most of us don’t realize the benefits we received from working – in addition to the financial ones. Working gave us:

  • purpose – a reason to do the things we did
  • structure for our days and weeks
  • the feeling of being valued – someone was willing to pay us to do what we did all day
  • a sense of how we fit into the rest of the world

How are you replacing those hidden benefits now that you have moved on from the career portion of your life?

Research shows that those who do not find ways to replace the hidden benefits of work are 40% more likely to be diagnosed as clinically depressed and 60% more likely to have significant health challenges.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have a proven system for helping you design your life portfolio for the next 1/3 of your life.  We help you craft a vision so you don’t feel like you are navigating this new landscape without a map. We guide you to find a purpose that will give your “post-career” life meaning. We show you how you can live your new life filled with vitality.

This new chapter in your life is a journey – and it can be a very exciting one. Together we can transform your “post-career” experience into the best part of your life.

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