February 25, 2018

Retired-couple Are you still looking for “happily ever after” RETIREMENT?  You can have a happy and fulfilling life in this new chapter of your life. 

Have you and your partner drifted apart and feel more like roommates than lovers? You can enjoy intimacy again.

 Do you want to re-ignite those wonderful feelings you shared when your relationship was new? You can feel passion again.

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More About the Retirement Kit

The Purpose Checkup

Do you have a clear sense that your life has meaning? Here’s a quick assessment to see if your sense of purpose is healthy.

Thriving in Retirement

This report describes the five stages of retirement. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities of Stage 4 – Re-Engagement so you can have a very happy retirement.

3 Keys to Successful Retirement

We focused on preparing our financial portfolio but no one told us we also need to work on our happiness portfolio if we don’t want our retirement dream to turn into a nightmare.

More About the Relationship Renewal Kit

What Season is Your Marriage In?
All marriages go through phases just like the seasons of the year. No matter what season your relationship is in it is possible to get back to Spring where you feel excited and renewed.
Relationship Assessment
How strong is your relationship? Where can it be fine-tuned to make it better?
It’s About Connecting
Learn about the glue that keeps a relationship strong – and how to get more of it.