January 20, 2018

Dating just for having fun

Most of us want to find “the one.” However, the truth is there may be a number of reasons why you are not ready for a committed relationship. Have you fully let go of a past relationship – including forgiving yourself and your ex? Have you healed from the pain? Are you crystal clear about […]

How do you heal after saying “good-bye?”

Saying “good-bye” isn’t easy. Now that it is over, it takes time to move through the after-math whether or not you initiated it. In many ways it’s like a death – the death of your dreams. If you acknowledge this and accept your need to grieve, it will be much easier to get past the […]

How emotionally connected are you and your partner?

Emotional connection is the foundation of every relationship. When you feel connected you seem to understand each other — you feel like you really matter. Communication flows easily and you feel safe. Your world feels good. But when life gets in the way and you lose that sense of being connected, you often feel sad […]

Divorced! It’s time to move on — but how do I do it?

Divorce is painful whether or not you wanted it. Now that it is over, it’s time to move forward. But, before you jump into a new relationship, there are some important things you should do.   To build a successful new relationship you have to be emotionally healthy and free of any baggage from the […]